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because you deserve it.

I am here to help you challenge any limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, low self esteem or toxic energy you have that is simply holding you back in life. Whether it be eating disorder recovery, body image, confidence building, mental health, self care, career choices and more- I'm here to be a part of your journey to the best version of YOU. You are the main character in your life!


I help empower individuals to live a fulfilling life by meeting and accomplishing their goals in their personal and professional lives. I will work one on one to explore what is holding you back whether it be self esteem, beliefs, lack of passion, etc. and create a plan of action to break down those walls, find your true inner self and accomplish yours goals.

I am here to help you discover your potential in this world. As your coach, I will be there every step of the way. I will ask the right questions, acknowledge your strengths and hold you accountable for the work that you have courageously chosen to do.

No goal is too big. If you want it, you will make it your reality. You deserve to live a big life, with a mind, body and soul that you love. 

"Always go with the choice that scares you the most. That's the one that will help you grow."

Lisa Ward The Flourishing Space Lisa Madison Ward


Coaching is designed for all women, men, teenagers and adults. Feeling stuck? Unmotivated? Battling with low self esteem? Settled into something that is not fulfilling you? Nervous to take the next step in life? Or maybe you simply haven't realized how much more is out there. It's time to stop living on auto-pilot and living on purpose.

Confidence, careers, relationships, sports, passions and more. I will help guide you to break down any barriers you could be battling with and explore your true passions in life. You will be able to set goals and together, we will make a plan to put these goals into action. 


The best part about coaching sessions? The conversation goes wherever you need it to go. Once we get through the introductions, we can really start to get down to the core. We will discuss what you aim to accomplish throughout coaching, any personal preferences you may have, and anything else you need to feel comfortable. From there, we will discuss your personal feelings, strengths, passions and of course- goals. Together, we will navigate any limiting beliefs you may have within, and we will break down those walls. We will create a plan of action to achieve your desired goals. Sessions and approaches look different for every person. They are designed for YOU and only you! 

I strive to have a strong coach/client relationship with you. I want you to feel comfortable and protected, and feel as though you are in a safe space to be honest and open. Ultimately YOU are the leader of the conversation, therefore if there is anything I can do to better suit your needs, never hesitate to let me know.

Are you ready to live the life you've always desired?


Q: Why do you recommend working with a 1:1 coach?

A: Working 1:1 with myself allows us to focus on their unique journey. I allow them  a safe space to open up without the fear of judgement, and give them the opportunity to dive deep into themselves. We create goals and action plans, challenges and really shape their minds in a positive way! 

Q: What type of coaching do you offer?

A: Every coaching session is unique. Using my training and personal experience, I guide individuals to tackle confidence, self esteem and self worth, career changes, relationships, negative mindsets and accomplishing goals.


"Lisa has been amazing in helping my teen daughter overcome her confidence issues. My daughter finds Lisa really easy to talk to. The improvemets in my daughter over a few short weeks have been incredible. I would highly recommend working with Lisa to anyone who needs a bit of help navigating life."

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