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1-1 Coaching Sessions

Let's be real, growing up comes with its challenges. Between social media, mental health, school, peers, sports, body image, self confidence, friends and the future (whew!), the pressure is real. I'm here to help youths open up, have comfortable conversations about themselves, handle their stress, navigate their beliefs, strengths and values and build up their self confidence and self worth.

Guiding the younger generation is one of the greatest gifts I can give. With youths and teens, I like to use a relatable and comforting approach. I share personal stories as well, to allow them to feel more comfortable and remind them that they are not alone. I help them open up their hearts and minds, and really learn how to communicate. 

I've worked with a lot of kids, and I have found that I have such a natural connection with youths. My open and real approach with them allows them to feel comfortable and safe, as if they're speaking to a big sister.

As early as age 9, so many changes begin to happen with our bodies and brains. It's extremely important that young brains are filled with correct information and tactics to challenge any strange voices that might enter their mind throughout development.

Together, we will evaluate the elements of their life. What makes them happy? What doesn't make them happy? Where could things be better? Together, we will explore their personal strengths, core values and beliefs. We will use their strengths and weaknesses to help build the life they are desiring. Together, we will discuss their passions and dissect them. We will map out how we can use these to design their ideal future, and create individual goals to meet that reality.

It's never too early to begin your journey. Why not start now? Let's chat.


Q: Should parents/guardians be in the meetings?
A: We will start all together, and go from there! Parents/guardians are more than welcome to join, or if they provide approval, 1:1 is encouraged as individuals become more comfortable. 

Q: Why do you recommend working with a 1:1 coach?
A: Working 1:1 with myself allows us to focus on their unique journey. I allow them  a safe space to open up without the fear of judgement, and give them the opportunity to dive deep into themselves. We create goals and action plans, challenges and really shape their minds in a positive way! 

Q: How often should we be meeting?
A: At the start of your journey, I recommend once a week. From there, we can discuss bi-weekly options and check-ins.

Lisa Ward Lisa Madison Ward The Flourishing Space

"Lisa has been amazing in helping my teen daughter overcome her confidence issues. My daughter finds Lisa really easy to talk to. The improvemets in my daughter over a few short weeks have been incredible. I would highly recommend working with Lisa to anyone who needs a bit of help navigating life."

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