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the flourishing space: workshop series

for dance studios, camps, sports teams, schools & more!


Mind, Body & Soul: 

Building Our Confidence, Appreciating Our Bodies & Living a Positive Life


What does the workshop include? 

-Quick stretch/welcome

Journal & Group Exercises Surrounding:

-Expressing Gratitude

-Positive Affirmations and living a positive life

-Learning to be a leader & a good teammate 

-Appreciating ourselves, our lives and our bodies

-Short Meditation

Falling Into Your Best Self:

Discovering Our Strengths & Values, Setting Goals & Creating Action Plans 


What does the workshop include?

-Finding Our Strengths & Values

-Determining our goals, creating action plan for goals

-Learning the importance of time management


Stage Ready Mindset

Getting Our Bodies & Brains Ready for the Upcoming Competition Season, How to Approach Classes, Intention Behind Dance, etc.

What does the workshop include? 

-Welcome Stretch/Yoga Practice

-Journalling: topics surrounding positive mindsets, purpose, goal setting, respect

-Exercises: teamwork & leadership, confidence, facing fears

Healthy Habits:

Learning to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle as an athlete, creating positive and productive routines


What does the workshop include? 

-Creating routines and proper daily habits

-What IS health? + Fuelling properly as an athlete

-Living more positive and productive 

*All workshops are 1 hour 15 minutes in length. For dance studios, option to do a combo at the end of workshop is available (2 hour workshop total). Workshop subjects can be geared towards what you need! Please email for pricing details.*

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