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Lisa Ward The Flourishing Space

I am so proud of you for being here.

1:1 Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching is offered to kids, teens and adults. Lisa uses intuitive therapy coaching to help guide individuals to a healthy, happy and fuller life. 

*Certified with EDIT (Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy by Dr. Dorie)

"From my own experience, I know how difficult the recovery journey can be. It is my goal to help those who are suffering with that voice inside their head causing an unhealthy relationship with food, their bodies and themselves.


After finding my own coach, I used intuitive coaching to get where I am today, and it has inspired me to guide others. I was once in a position where I didn't think recovery is possible. I was convinced those voices were who I was, and who I would be for the rest of my life. I now look back at that version of me and say "just wait- your hard work is going to pay off." Recovery is possible, and I'm proud to be a part of others journeys to help them find the freedom they deserve."


My Approach: 

-CBT/DBT/Intuitive/Transpersonal Coaching

-Managing & challenging inner voice dialogue 

-Recognizing one's true self through discovery of values, strengths, passions and more (Re-discovering who we truly are)!

-Expressing body appreciation & challenging negative body image thoughts

-Core issues (trauma healing)

-Personalized self care routines to keep individuals motivated and safely on track 

-Intuitive eating/meal strategies

-Coping skills during stressful challenges 

-Relapse prevention; creating a healthy, free and fulfilling life

-24/7 text support 

Safe Space

1:1 Recovery Coaching involves non-judgemental, safe and open conversations. Together, we will discover your true self and challenge those ED voices. I will support you and guide you as you regain a healthy relationship with food, movement, your body and most importantly, yourself. Using my training and personal experience, I will help guide you to live a life you deserve to live with a mind, body and soul that you love.


On your journey, we will work at your pace. I will guide you as you learn how to challenge food fears, negative self talk and how to cope with your own emotions. 


Here's what I know: recovery is a long and hard journey.
There will be bumps, twists and turns.
But here's what I also know: it is possible, and it is worth it.
You deserve a full life of freedom, self acceptance and happiness.
Together, we will get you there. 

To book your FREE introductory session, send me an email or visit the page below. All appointments are offered virtually via Zoom.


"Lisa has been amazing in helping my teen daughter overcome her confidence issues. My daughter finds Lisa really easy to talk to. The improvemets in my daughter over a few short weeks have been incredible. I would highly recommend working with Lisa to anyone who needs a bit of help navigating life."

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